12 de marzo de 2018

Senior Consultant - Software Vendor


  • Provincia Barcelona
  • Contrato Indefinido
  • Jornada Completa
  • Referencia SCSC

OFFICE LOCATION: Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona

Introduction to Role and Job description

K2NE is a European software distributor who market, sell and deliver consulting on a world class Business Process Automation technology built on .NET technology. We are looking for an enthusiastic, vibrant Senior Consultant with a passion for technology and creative problem solving.

K2 is aimed towards building and running business applications with very limited code (based on a .NET BPM platform) in the cloud and on premise. You will get exposure to infrastructure, design, architecture, deployment, development and project management scenarios.

K2NE is designed to provide each employee with the correct tools, skills and experience to be successful in one of K2’s world class technical teams. These teams include technical product support, technical solution consulting, technical training and technical documentation.


  • Organize and develop workshops for customers to capture requirements.
  • Perform project management related tasks in aid of finalizing and keeping projects on track.
  • Translate business requirements to a team of consultants who can implement these requirements.
  • Operate and perform like a consultant in a project, not being afraid to get your hands dirty and be part of the team that implements the project you scoped.
  • Implement K2 based solutions for customers in a project orientated approach.
  • Build and deploy business applications that will benefit K2 teams and evolve internal systems.
  • Troubleshoot complex scenarios on the latest K2 products and across multiple systems and integration points.
  • Interact and communicate with many diverse levels of IT specialists and management layers across a vast range of products and platforms.
  • Share knowledge and expertise with the K2NE team through presentations and web conferencing.
  • Innovate and share ideas on improvement across all facets of the business, from the product to operations systems to team improvements.
  • Producing regular and detailed progress reports to customers and management, including information which may impact target achievements or service delivery.
  • Ability to understand and design (.net) extensions to the K2 platform in aid of meeting customer requirements.


  • English speaking with a native level of Spanish and/or German.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or other technical software development degree OR recent certifications for Microsoft Development or Systems Engineering (with programming skills).
  • Enthusiasm for solving interesting and complex problems and a willingness to take on new product features.
  • A passion for technology and customer service.
  • A fast learner with a keen eye for complex systems and models.
  • Attention to detail.
  • An independent self-starter that is self-motivated and dedicated to success.
  • The ability to understand the flow of data through multiple systems.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Flexibility to change direction and focus based on the needs of the department of business goals.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment.
  • Good understanding of various project methodologies.
  • Understanding of the software development life cycle.

PREFERRED SKILLS (some but not all required)

  • Understanding of process/workflow systems and their application to customer business process improvement.
  • Ability to analyse requirements and translate these into technical design.
  • Experience or training in any K2 product.
  • Experience in Web Technology and debugging or troubleshooting - HTML, JavaScript, SOAP, WCF or REST.
  • Experience in Cloud technologies like Azure Active directory, SQL Azure and SharePoint online (O365).
  • Experience in database technologies like SQL server or SQL Azure.
  • Project Management certification.

For more information on this position and to apply, email [email protected]