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Aroundhome is a recommendation platform for houseowners.

With a comprehensive range of information and services relating to their own home and a team of 300 employees, Aroundhome supports houseowners who live in their own property in carrying out major investment projects relating to their own home - from selling and investing to maintaining and repairing their property.

Our mission: Your property is more than just a house. It is a home and a life project. Every change brings insecurities. Because every decision can be a wrong one - and expensive. We make it possible to make better decisions with good recommendations and to realize all large projects around the own home more stress-free. With orientation, individual advice and the mediation of suitable partners for all-round successful projects.

Aroundhome - Because it's their home.

Together with you, we want Aroundhome to develop into the one recommendation platform for houseowners and are looking forward to welcoming you to our team.

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